Mark teaches both wax and milliput carving.

Wax carving is the traditional technique used for making items of jewellery to be cast into precious metal, using the lost wax process. Generally, these are one-off pieces, unique patterns that are not molded for repetitive use. Patterns may be simple and straight forward or more intricate and complex.

However, if you want to reproduce your carving as a multiple, then wax is not appropriate and an epoxy putty is preferable as this can be molded. The beauty of this method is that finer detail can be achieved and making a mold means that it can be cast more than once.

As model maker for such companies as Theo Fennell, Faberge St Petersburg as well as many others, I have used these methods and I have taught both as introductory courses at Birmingham school of Jewellery, Kilkenny college and Dundee university.

Mark is now able to offer bespoke courses from his studio in Malvern. 

These are on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis and individualized to meet the requirements of the student.  This may be as a total novice or for those already working within the jewellery industry. Therefore, it is helpful to know more as to your requirements and discuss this before embarking on a course.

Once a pattern has been cast into precious metal it then needs to be worked, finished and polished and this can be part of, or supplementary to, the course, as previously arranged. You have the option to take your design to a caster and mould maker, or I can offer this as part of my service for a further small charge. Precious metal costs are subject to charges made by the casters.

Topics and areas covered usually incorporate:

• Adapting design to work as an achievable piece.
• Using appropriate tools for carving and modelling.
• Finishing techniques for clean casting.

I also run sessions enabling you to make your own wedding rings.

Courses can be arranged as to your requirements, either as a full day, or a series of shorter sessions. A day course would cost £150. If you are interested in learning more, please do contact me.

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